Q: Can I cosplay at the Jewish Comic Con?

Absolutely! The Jewish Comic Con team encourages attendees to dress as their favorite characters. We'll just ask, again, because of the very nature of the show, to respect the fact that we're doing our show in a synagogue. Translation: some parts of your bodies are not for everyone to see in this place. In other words: Do not try to come dressed as Conan or Witchblade, we'd be very sad but we couldn't let you in.

Q: What's your policy regarding troublemakers?

The Jewish Comic Con Staff and Security have the right to ask you to leave the show and refuse to refund the cost of your badge if you are behaving in an inappropriate fashion. This is a small passion-oriented convention, not the Arkham Asylum. 
Also, we love our synagogue. It is fully functional and there are services everyday. Please do not abuse of the facility. We won't tolerate any grafitti, carving in the wood, loitering or sign on the wall. Smoking is also not permitted at the Convention. 

Q: How much is the pass for the Jewish Comic Con?

We have two different kind of passes: 

  1. The One-Day Con pass: $20*. For that price, you'll have access to the convention hall and meet the creators. You'll also be able to attend the panels in the room downstairs. 
  2. The Family pass: $70*. Includes four one day passes. 

    *Online pre-show prices. Tickets will be more expensive at the door.
  3. Children under 13 are FREE!

Q: I'm an artist and I'm not Jewish, can I still get a table?

Yes! Space permitting, anyone can get a table. The only three things we ask are: 

  • You have to be published
  • You have to have somewhat of a connection to Jewish characters or have Jewish themes in your body of work. If you're from another minority and you feel we have a lot in common, please come too, we'd love to have you! 
  • If you get a table, it's free, but we'll ask you to donate one piece of artwork to the Congregation Kol Israel which may be auctioned one day.